The Image Analyst needs guidance about what to look for in images that may indicate that the object of interest is a candidate life form.

This PowerPoint video presents a draft proposal for “Criteria for Using Image Analysis to Detect  Life Forms In Planetary Imagery” initially conceived back in May 2013.

After the realisation that rocks on Mars had nearly invisible protuberances, it quickly became apparent that just stating that these objects of interest did not look like rocks on Earth and then demonstrating that to be the case using lots of images was not enough to suggest convincingly that they were indeed candidate life forms.

From that realisation and with the help of NASA’s Exploratour Page a list was quickly devised that gave a good basis for detecting candidate life forms in imagery.

This amounts to a checklist  of  16 criteria that could be confirmed during the analysis of imagery. It is probably not possible in a single still image to directly confirm all 16 criteria. However deduction is a powerful tool and can allow valid conclusions to be made from visual clues observed in the images.

If after you have any suggestions for additions to these criteria, do please note them in comments. If they have merit they will be added to a future version of CICPLFI.


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