Guide For Those Wishing to Archive Their Observations & Images On findinglifeonmars Group Facebook Page

If you wish to archive and share your observations and images arising from the Blog Assignments you may do so on the findinglifeonmars Group Facebook Page.

This is a secret group. That means that only members of the Group will be able to find and view the page and post to it.

To become a member of that Group you will need to have a Facebook account and then apply to  Please paste below into your email with your answers…

You will need to answer three questions:

1 – Do you agree to comply with the Group Rules ? Yes/No


2 –  Do you believe that NASA is correct in stating that life as we know it on the Martian surface is very unlikely given that life forms from Earth have survived prolonged exposure in Space and given what we know now about extremophiles here on Earth?  Yes/No

3 – Do you believe that there is the possibility of a new and different life form of life on Mars, for example one that is not organic but say silicon or organo-silicon in nature? Yes/No

If you have a problem agreeing with the rules probably you will not be accepted into the Group. Questions 2 & 3 are just for information.

The rules are as as follows:

findinglifeonmars Group Rules

01 Posting Observations

1 – Post observations + images under the relevant link to the applicable Blog Post

2 – Observe upload limit of 1 Observation Record + 5 Images max per each published Blog Post.

3 – Observe the upload limit of 3 Observation Records + Imagery per day.

Observational Records

1 – Formats for Observational Records will be posted

2 – When submitting Observational Records please provide the information requested as a minimum


1 – Keep comments short and relevant to Observations / Images

2 – Group is concerned only with Image Analysis to find candidate Life Forms on Mars – Stay on topic

Unacceptable Behaviour

1 – Non-contributing Group Members who fail to post Observations and Imagery will be removed

2 – No ads and no posts that are not Observations +Images related

3 – Do not post links to other sites and do not solicit likes

4 – No politics, religion, hate speech ethics and other off topic subjects

Zero Tolerance

1 – No swearing and personal abuse or sexist remarks

2 – Discourteous and disrespectful feedback on posts


Protection of Anonymity

This is a secret group. Members know each other on this Group but are expected, on their honour, not to share the identities of Group Members or Admin with others. Please keep the faith.