Observation Report Form (ORF)

Above is a draft of the Observation Report Form. This is intended to provide a basic format for all observations of cMaLF+AM/EM made from the analysis of imagery. You may download it and edit it in MS Word as needed as a supporting document for your analytical imagery.

You can share your ORF + imagery on the findinglifeonmars Facebook Page. That is a Secret Group and you will need to become a member before you can post your analyses to that Group’s page.

This Form is a bit overwhelming at first sight but it is mostly a simple checklist that can be quickly completed by a series of simple clicks and a few minimal entries. This ORF will guide you through the steps required to make a reasonably comprehensive and consistent observation from your image analysis of an image in your efforts to identify cMaLF + AM/EM and record their observed characteristics. 

This is not intended to stifle or channel members observations that they may wish to make above and beyond the ORF guidelines. Add whatever you like in comments on the Facebook Group post that you make. This process needs to be a two way process as the Author is keen to learn as much as possible from the Blog Members.

I have provided a set of guidelines in a separate post to help you complete the ORF.